The Perfect Gift for Your Cheese Lover Just Got More Perfect



The Big Cheese Making Kit is proud to introduce you to the new members of our cheese making family: these four wonderful gift hampers, available exclusively through From A Big Yuletide Cake Making Kit to thoroughly festive mince pie popcorn each unique hamper contains a Big Cheese Making Kit and a range of delicacies to enjoy with your homemade cheese, making them an ideal gift for the creative cook.

The Big Cheese making Kit Hampers 081

The Big Cheesy Christmas Hamper

Not only do you get our most popular cheese making kit containing everything you need to make fresh mozzarella & ricotta in under an hour, there’s also a stunning bamboo cheese board for you to serve your cheesy creations on! Our Big Cheesy Christmas Hamper also contains a magnificent yuletide cake kit so you can make your own delicious Christmas cake. On top of that there’s a beautiful pomander making kit that’s perfect for adding a touch of Christmas spice to your homemade festive decorations. After all that, treat yourself to a glass of wine and some delightful Joe & Seph’s mince pie popcorn.




The Big Scottish Hamper

The Big Scottish Hamper

For the true lover of Scottish cuisine, our Big Scottish Hamper is divine. The star of the show is our wonderful Scottish Crowdie Kit. Crowdie was the favourite cheese of Scottish crofters and is potentially Scotland’s oldest variety dating back to the Vikings. What better to combine with the most traditional of cheeses than with a jar of Galloway Preserves heather honey marmalade and a pair of Sheep Dip and Pig’s Nose whisky miniatures. Finally, if you have space, delight in some Perthshire handmade oatcakes and Joe & Seph’s Macchiato and Whisky Handmade Popcorn, all washed down with a warming Whisky Toddy.




The Big Cheese making Kit Hampers 057

The Big Gluten Free Hamper

The Big Gluten Free Hamper contains enough wonderful tasting goodies to keep even the most ardent foodie happy! Included within the beautiful wicker basket is our ever popular and wonderfully versatile Mozzarella & Ricotta Kit. There’s a homemade bread mix designed especially for those sensitive to gluten, but that can be enjoyed by everybody and can be made by hand or bread making machine. Finally there’s a box of flavourful stilton & walton biscuits, a jar of tangy sweet olive, fig and almond chutney, and white chocolate handmade popcorn. And lest we forget: your choice of The Big Red or The Big White wine!




The Big Cheese making Kit Hampers 049

The Big Chilli Hamper


For the fiery cheese lover in your life, we present The Big Chilli Hamper! Our fantastic mozzarella and ricotta kit is complemented wonderfully by a range of sizzling products. There’s a wonderfully piquant chilli jam from our friends at Galloway Preserves, a truly appetising tomato and chilli risotto mix, and handmade Perthshire chilli oatcakes. After all that savoury, satisfy your flaming sweet tooth with some handmade Chilli Farm chilli chocolate and Joe & Seph’s smooth caramel pepper & chilli handmade popcorn.






Product Information

The Big Cheesy Christmas Hamper

• Mozzarella & Ricotta Kit
• Bamboo Cheese Board
• The Big Yuletide Cake Kit
• The Big Cheese Chutney
• Pomander Making Kit
• Joe & Sephs Handmade Mince Pie Popcorn
• The Big Red or The Big White Wine

The Big Scottish Hamper

• Scottish Crowdie Cheese Making Kit
• Joe & Seph’s Caramel, Macchiato and Whisky Handmade Popcorn
• Sheep Dip and Pig’s Nose Whisky Miniatures
• Perthshire Handmade Oatcakes
• Spices for Hot Whisky Toddy
• Galloway Preserves Heather Honey Marmalade

The Big Gluten Free Hamper

• Mozzarella &Ricotta Kit
• Stilton & Walton biscuits
• Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Bread Mix
• Sweet Olive, Fig and Almond Chutney
• Joe & Seph’s Handmade White Chocolate Popcorn
• The Big Red or The Big White Wine

The Big Chilli Hamper

• Mozzarella & Ricotta Cheese Making Kit
• Galloway Preserves Chilli Jam
• Tomato and Chilli Risotto Mix
• Handmade Perthshire Chilli Oatcakes
• Handmade Chilli Farm Chilli Chocolate
• Joe & Seph’s Smooth Caramel Pepper & Chilli Handmade Popcorn
• The Big Red or The Big White Wine

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