January 2019



Our Cheeses Really Are that Good!

Lovely customer feedback! We recently received feedback from Mrs W in Cheshire and we loved it so much we wanted to share it with…wellโ€ฆ EVERYONE. So here it is in its entirety! ‘I wanted to write to give some feedback re the Vegan cheese-making kit which I bought for a friend who has newly become Read More…



Veganism Hits The High Street

High Street and Veganism Far from being a ‘fashionable bandwagon’ as some claim, the record numbers of people moving to a Vegan lifestyle shows that this may simply be the future happening today. Nothing shows this as much as the glut of High Street stores offering Vegan options. It’s simple economics: if there wasn’t a Read More…



Easier to be ethically cool in 2019?

Ethically cool in 2019 More and more people are moving towards a Vegan lifestyle. Over 300’000 signing up for Veganuary alone in 2019. Is this the year Ethically Cool becomes mainstream? People on a plant based diet are now not only looking at what they’re eating, but also what they’re wearing. Los Angeles is hosting Read More…