Making America Grate Again!

Since 2012, when we first started the cheese making revolution, we’ve been asked by our American friends if our kits were available to buy in the USA. The answer had always been an apologetic no. At the beginning of 2019 a decision was made to rectify this. Cheese is universal yeah? Make cheese not war! Read More…



Hip Hop Makes Maturing Cheese Taste Better!

Hip Hop Makes Maturing Cheese Taste Better! Really? Yes. As proven by science. An experiment in Switzerland called ‘Cheese in Surround Sound‘ discovered that when exposed to music (specifically hip hop) ageing cheese tastes better. Wait. What? The experiment placed nine wheels of Emmental cheese in wooden crates and pumped five different genres of music Read More…



The Cheebab

The Cheebab The humble kebab. Oh where would my late night revelries be without you? Or the additional inches on my hips? Vegetarians have been missing out on the kebab for reasons which are plainly obviously. Though now, they can join in with it’s greasy deliciousness as Zurich-based dairy farm Natürli launch The Cheebab! Oh. My. Word. Read More…



Say Happy Easter with a Vegan Creme Egg!

Vegan Creme Egg To say we’re excited about a Vegan Creme Egg is an understatement. But still. We’re excited. The utterly wonderful Mummy Meagz has launched a vegan creme egg just in time for Easter. It looks divine. Described as ‘impossibly indulgent’ (and who are we to argue!) the creme eggs created by Meagan Boyle have been Read More…



Homemade Halloumi is sooooo good.

Homemade Halloumi Let’s get one thing out of the way. I adore Halloumi. No. That doesn’t do it justice. I love Halloumi more than my first born. Okay. Maybe that’s a wee bit too far. My love for Halloumi is somewhere between adoration and love for my first born. Let’s look at the facts. It’s Read More…



UK’s First Vegan Cheesemonger!

Vegan Cheesemonger arrives on the High Street! In a UK fist, an all Vegan cheesemonger has opened in Brixton, London. Sisters Charlotte and Rachel Stevens opened La Fauxmagerie doors in Brixton last Friday. We ADORE their mission statement: curate a selection of the finest plant-based cheeses the UK has to offer ensure our customers do not have Read More…




Themed Cheeses and it’s not even Christmas? It’s normally around Christmas when the themed cheeses with interestingly names and flavours make an appearance. Aldi cares not for normality. Aldi cares only for cheese puns. Introducing their new range including the gloriously named ‘Sweet Cheddar Of Mine.’ Yes Guns n’ Roses fans. Your cheese dreams have Read More…



Our Cheeses Really Are that Good!

Lovely customer feedback! We recently received feedback from Mrs W in Cheshire and we loved it so much we wanted to share it with…well… EVERYONE. So here it is in its entirety! ‘I wanted to write to give some feedback re the Vegan cheese-making kit which I bought for a friend who has newly become Read More…



Veganism Hits The High Street

High Street and Veganism Far from being a ‘fashionable bandwagon’ as some claim, the record numbers of people moving to a Vegan lifestyle shows that this may simply be the future happening today. Nothing shows this as much as the glut of High Street stores offering Vegan options. It’s simple economics: if there wasn’t a Read More…



Easier to be ethically cool in 2019?

Ethically cool in 2019 More and more people are moving towards a Vegan lifestyle. Over 300’000 signing up for Veganuary alone in 2019. Is this the year Ethically Cool becomes mainstream? People on a plant based diet are now not only looking at what they’re eating, but also what they’re wearing. Los Angeles is hosting Read More…