Meet Our New and Improved Big Cheese Making Kits!




The Big Cheese Making Kit is hugely excited to launch our new and improved range of Kits! Available to buy now, they’re bigger and better than ever.


So What’s Changed?

Firstly, our packaging is now even more stylish. We spent a great deal of time refining the look to give the extra ‘WOW’ factor when your Dad opens his Christmas present. They really are a beautiful thing to behold!

Though this is just the start. The Ultimate Cheese Making Kit (above) now makes an amazing 10 cheeses instead of 8, with the addition of Mascarpone and Feta.


Feta is Better

Yes, we’ve added Feta! A huge thank you to our many customers who suggested this wonderful cheese.

We’ve added Feta to our Mediterranean Cheese Making Kit, and excitedly our ever popular Halloumi Kit now makes it as well. Two cheeses for the price of one!


Dialled up to 11

We’ve also listened to your feedback about our thermometer, and in the new range of Kits the dairy thermometer is larger with a much bigger dial. Our bi-metal thermometers can be read in both Fahrenheit and Celsius – though don’t forget to remove the protective cover before use!

Cheesy recipes with a pinch of imagination

An item from our Ultimate Cheese Making Kit that customers love is the beautiful recipe book. It’s packed full of amazing ideas on how to use your finished cheeses. You can learn how to make Battered Halloumi, Pecan and Maple Goat’s Cheese Crown, and much much more.


Previously only available in the Ultimate, every Kit now contains recipes for their respective cheeses. The Mozzarella & Ricotta Kit contains the recipes for Ricotta Gnocci, Tri Colore Spaghetti Frittata, and more!



                      Ricotta Gnocci                                                                                                Tri Colore Spaghetti Frittata


To do this, we entirely redesigned our instructions. Gone are the leaflets, replaced with stunning booklets incorporating everything needed to guide you on your cheese making adventures as seen below in the wonderful booklet that comes with our Scottish Crowdie Kit!



Imagine the fun your Dad, brother or best friend will have making their own cheese with a Kit from our stunning new and improved range. Imagine being their official cheese taster. Better still, imagine making it yourself! And all in around an hour.

We hope you love our improved Kits as much as we do. They really are the perfect foodie gift.





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