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Hello everyone! It’s time for an update on how things are going here at Big Cheese HQ. It’s been an incredible few months and we have lots to tell you.

There’s only one place to start. Our founder, Ailsa, was recently awarded an MBE for services to the food industry! Commenting on her award, Ailsa said “I am amazed to have received such a great honour which also recognises the contribution the food and drink industry makes to the UK economy and culture. The purpose of the company is to demystify the cheese making process so that anyone can make fresh cheese easily at home and it caught on almost immediately among foodies and as a quality gift.”

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Ailsa (MBE!)


Next up is a new addition to our family, the wonderful Halloumi Kit! There are rumours that this is our favourite: I am here neither to confirm or deny this. This Kit makes Halloumi like you have never tasted before, it’s so yummy and fresh you’re going to love it. Each kit makes 12 batches. With each batch coming out at 600g you’ll get a whopping 7.2KG of Halloumi! Squeaky cheese galore!


Halloumi Kit


Wondering where you can buy one of our kits? We’ve recently made our website even better by adding a nifty little tool that allows you to find your local Big Cheese Making Kit stockist. It’s ideal for those days that when the need for delicious cheese is just too overpowering! Simply enter your postcode, and you’ll get your closest retailer and directions.


We’ve been to shows and exhibitions all around the country recently. It’s great to see so many of you, and we’ve heard some lovely stories about your cheese making escapades! We’ve been to Grant Park, Forres for the European Pipe Band Championships, the Harrogate Speciality Food Show, Ideal Home Show Scotland and many more! Watch this space for information on upcoming events.


The lovely Alison and Jonathan at the Ideal Home Show Scotland


We’ve just done an amazing photo shoot! It was loads of fun. Keep your eyes out for the new photos. We think they’re amazing!

photo 1_2

The amazing Sarah Deane at work!


Do you use Facebook, TwitterPinterest or Instagram? We have a lot going on. There’s cheese news, promotions, competitions, recipe ideas, and a huge amount of cheese related puns. Why not pop along and say hello?


We’ll end with some wonderful photos that you’ve sent to us. We love seeing your cheesy snaps, and you can send them to any of our social media channels, or email us at info@bigcheesemakingkit.com


gemma goats

andrea goats


Bye for now!

Em x

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