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Hello! I’m Jonathan, the International Business Manager for Big Cheese. As part of our international strategy we are reaching for new territories and first on our long list of countries is the land of Germany. So, recently I took a jaunt over there and thought it was worth a wee blog!

To begin with – Germany is massive! 80 million people live there and they all love cheese! I started in the business hub of Dusseldorf and I met with one of the biggest Cheese and Food Gift distributors in Germany – Mueller Moers. In Germany, they are are known as the ‘Cheese Guys’. I went there to show them our Big Cheese Making Kits and also make Cheese for them. They were pretty happy with the result – check out those smiles!

 Photo 1

Microbreweries! Dusseldorf is home to 5 Microbreweries and – although not directly cheese related – the beer and food at these microbreweries were as German as you could imagine.  At these local microbreweries, people stand outside in the sun and waiters automatically bring locally made beer and put it straight into your hand without a word – unsurprisingly no one was complaining about this.

Photo 2

They also made a mean “Apfelstrudel” (apple strudel!)

Photo 3

Das is ser ghut! We had lots of meetings and visits to potential stores in different parts of Germany. Soon our translated German Kits will end up here in Osnabruck and in Magdeburg (central/west Germany).

Photo 6           Photo 5

The German version of our product was available for everyone to see and the reaction was fantastic – people couldn’t believe you could have your own cheese in one hour. The kit even made it up to the top of the Osnabruck  Tower.  And into the local news:

Photo 7 (2)

Finally, I tried my best to give presentations in German! But fortunately there were lovely translators there who helped me along.

Photo 8

All in all a very worthwhile trip. Stay Tuned for more Big Cheese Making Kit in Germany!

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