Introducing the new Kit on the block!



We are very proud to announce the launch of our latest Big Cheese Making Kit…

Scottish Crowdie!!!!!!

For those of you who don’t know Scottish Crowdie is said to be Scotland’s most ancient cheese, Crowdie dates back as far as Viking and Pictish times when it was made by every crofter in the Highlands of Scotland.

The more traditional method for making Crowdie in those days would be to slowly warm a bucket of milk (straight from the cow) by the fire until it soured and curdled. We think you might enjoy our method instead!

The cheese was often eaten on oatcakes before a Ceilidh as it was said to alleviate the effects of whisky drinking!

Our partners – Connage Highland Dairy

Our Crowdie recipe has been developed with our partners Connage Highland Dairy. Connage’s award winning Crowdie is made in their family-owned, fully organic dairy, situated in their farm at Ardersier, just outside Inverness. The farm was started by father Hamish Clark and continues to remain in the family to this day.

We love our new Kit and we hope you do too!

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