Gin flavoured cheese

It’s been the Christmas of innovative (odd?) cheese flavour combinations. Prosecco flavoured cheese? Check Chocolate orange cheese? Check. Cheese and Pickle mince pies? Check and check. Now, thanks to the wonderful people at The Cheshire Cheese Company  we have the Gin and Lemon Cheshire Cheese! Described as ‘ a masterful balance of Gin and Lemons with our Read More…



Chocolate Orange Cheese

It’s been the season of odd cheese combinations. Firstly, who could forget the genius that is Prosecco flavoured Wensleydale?             Then days later the Cheese and Pickle Mince Pie landed. And now we have the champion of them all. No need to have the ‘cheese, chocolate or fruit for pudding’ conundrum Read More…



Study shows that cheese makes wine taste better

The next time someone gives you a quizzical look when sat on the sofa guzzling wine and scoffing cheese, you can now justifiably say ‘I do it for science!’ A study in The Journal of Food Science tested 31 subjects who tried a variety of wines on their own, and then again while nibbling cheese. In Read More…



Cheese Puns. Where would we brie without you?

Cheese puns. How cheesy can they get? 1 2 3   4 5  7 6 7 8 9 10 What’s your favourite cheese pun? Do let us know in the comments! Even better, nip over to our shop and see if you can come up with a pun for the cheeses you can make with Read More…



Nacho cheese?

If you had to take a guess at what the most stolen item in the world is, what would you choose? Alcohol? Cars? My heart via Harrison Ford circa 1980? *swoon* Actually, it’s none of the above. It is in fact, cheese. A report which surveyed 1000s of retailers across 43 countries showed that 4% Read More…



Cheese and Pickle mince pies? Yes please!

Many moons ago I worked in a factory that made mince pies for Christmas. We started making them in March of each year. My world was full of mince pies. I dreamt of mince pies. I couldn’t stand to look at another mince pie. Until now. Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present to you the Read More…



Halloween Cheese

It’s getting closer and closer to the spookiest time of year. Halloween isn’t just a great time for kids, it’s also a time when the grown-ups can go wild in the kitchen! We’ve put together some of our favourite Halloween cheese recipes, all of which can be made with the cheeses in The Ultimate Cheese Read More…



Meet Our New and Improved Big Cheese Making Kits!

  The Big Cheese Making Kit is hugely excited to launch our new and improved range of Kits! Available to buy now, they’re bigger and better than ever.   So What’s Changed? Firstly, our packaging is now even more stylish. We spent a great deal of time refining the look to give the extra ‘WOW’ Read More…



The Perfect Father’s Day Gift

Father’s Day June 17th Dad’s like doing fun things. My extensive survey of Dads proves this. My extensive survey consists of asking me (a Dad) and my Dad (also a Dad) if we like fun things. And we do. So that’s good. What the survey also showed is that we’re not a fan of receiving Read More…



Stocking The Big Cheese Making Kit

The Big Cheese Making Kit is a simple and beautiful range of products which allow customers to make homemade cheese in around an hour. Our Cheese Making Kits sit fantastically well with retailers due to attractive branding, ambient storage, long shelf life and generous margins. Not only are they a talking point with customers but Read More…