Cheese Making Help

Here some cheese making help for your adventures!

If you are new to cheese making you may find a bit of trial and error involved.  Have some patience and keep at it!

  • Please read your ‘guide’ thoroughly before you begin.  Most problems can be avoided if you stick to the advice in there
  • “I know it says 30 seconds in the microwave but I thought a minute would be better”.  “20 minutes seemed like a long time so I just left it to drain for 15”….no, stick to the recipe as much as you can!
  • Make sure you submerge your thermometer as fully as you can in the milk for the best reading.  Also, hold it in the middle of the pan and don’t let it touch the bottom
  • If you have overheated your milk or done things in the wrong order, keep going and see how it turns out.  Chances are it will result in something edible, just not what you were expecting!
  • In the Goat’s Cheese recipes the curds are very small.  You may think it has all gone horribly wrong but see it through to the end
  • We recommend Delamere or other full fat supermarket brands when making Goat’s Cheese
  • Be very gentle when stirring. Stirring too much can break up the curds as they’re busy forming. Think about how you’d deal with beaten egg whites
  • Cheesemaking should be a relaxing and fun experience.  Give it your full attention (at least in the beginning).  Don’t try to multi-task or you are likely to skip a step and make mistakes

The recipes in your Big Cheese Making Kit are tried and tested so if you follow them everything should work out well for you.  However, if you are having problems you can contact us for help: